Dr Katie Gates

Dr Katie Gates PhD supervisors: Prof Luciano Beheregaray and A/Prof Luciana Möller I have held a lifelong fascination for the natural world and the impacts of human activity on the environment, and completed my Bachelor of Science (Biodiversity & Conservation) at Flinders University in 2015. During this time I became increasingly interested in ecology and […]

Dr Kimberley Batley

Dr Kimberley Batley Growing up along the Adelaide Metropolitan coastline, it was impossible not to fall in love with the ocean. As a young girl, I fell in love with dolphins and grew a curiosity for the oceans inhabitants. This curiosity led me to study Marine biology at Flinders University. During this time, my passion […]

Dr Andrea Barceló-Celis

Dr Andrea Barceló-Celis Since a young age, I developed an interest and fascination about marine wildlife, especially in marine mammals. I completed my bachelor in Veterinary in 2013 with a dissertation of Sea Lion stranding’s in the coast of Peru. Afterwards, I realized that I need to enrich my background in biology aspects, thus I […]

Dr Ana Rita Amaral

Dr Ana Rita Amaral PhD supervisors: Dr L Moller, Prof L Beheregaray & Prof M Coelho I am currently interested in aspects of cetacean population history, phylogeography and molecular evolution. Since 2004 I have been studying the evolutionary relationships of a closely related group of dolphin species, the subfamily Delphininae. I received my degree in […]

Dr Catherine Attard

Dr Catherine Attard I am passionate about using genetic and genomic methods to research threatened species and understand local adaptation. My work provides key ecological and evolutionary knowledge that can be used by management agencies. I research Australian freshwater fishes, including pygmy perches (Nannoperca and Nannatherina), golden perch (Macquaria ambigua) and desert rainbowfish (Melanotaenia splendida tatei), and […]

Dr Kerstin Bilgmann

Dr Kerstin Bilgmann I have a particular interest in understanding the ecology of cetaceans, and how their dispersal and genetic connectivity relates to oceanographic features and prey availability. One of my main research interests focuses on the interactions of dolphins with the fishing industry and aquaculture for finfish with the aim to minimise by-catch. The […]

Dr Chris Brauer

Dr Chris Brauer I am interested in the conservation, ecology and evolution of aquatic biodiversity. The effects of human development and recent climate change on our natural environment are pervasive and the threat these selective forces pose to global biodiversity is increasing. In my research I use genomics and transcriptomics to understand how populations and […]

Dr Sean Buckley

Dr Sean Buckley PhD supervisors: Prof. L. Beheregaray and Assoc. Prof. L. Möller My research within the Molecular Ecology Lab largely focuses on the diversification and evolution of a group of native freshwater fishes, the pygmy perches (consisting on the genus Nannoperca and Nannatherina balstoni). Beginning in 2016 with my Honours project, this entailed a phylogenetic analysis of […]

Dr Daniel Carvalho

Dr Daniel Carvalho Daniel Carvalho conducted a 6 month research component in our lab as part of his PhD project on conservation genetics of Neotropical fishes. His PhD was awarded by Universidade de Minas Gerais, in Brazil. In 2011 he returned to the lab for a 1 year postdoc, also on conservation genetics of fishes. […]

Dr Georgina Cooke

Dr Georgina Cooke PhD supervisors: Prof L Beheregaray & Prof N Chao Primarily, I am interested in how DNA can be used to address fundamental questions in evolutionary biology. In 2011 I completed my PhD (Macquarie University, Sydney) studying the origin of Amazonian fish diversity.  Using a range of molecular markers and analytical approaches, I […]