We use information from genomics and environmental sciences to address pure and applied research questions in conservation management, ecology and evolution.
Our emphasis is on aquatic animals (particularly fishes, marine mammals and invertebrates) – but we also enjoy working with terrestrial organisms! We do fieldwork in Australia and in several other regions including Amazonia, Patagonia, Gulf of California, southern Africa, Pampas, Cerrado, Galapagos, Indo-Pacific and Antarctica .  

Latest News

Rainforest Revelation: Adaptation to environmental changes of tropical rainbowfish.

Our study about the adaptation of tropical rainbowfish is the cover and editor’s choice for this month’s issue of Heredity! Great photo by Keith Martin Click here for open access PDF of the paper. Reference: Gates K, Sandoval-Castillo J, Brauer C, Unmack P, Laporte M, Bernatchez L, Beheregaray LB (2023). Environmental selection, rather than neutral processes, best explain regional patterns of diversity in a tropical rainforest fish. Heredity doi: 10.1038/s41437-023-00612-x