Dr Andrea Barceló-Celis

Since a young age, I developed an interest and fascination about marine wildlife, especially in marine mammals. I completed my bachelor in Veterinary in 2013 with a dissertation of Sea Lion stranding’s in the coast of Peru. Afterwards, I realized that I need to enrich my background in biology aspects, thus I studied a master degree in Marine Biology with a dissertation in multiple paternity in a species of sea turtle in the Peninsula of Yucatan, achieved in 2015. Currently I started a PhD under the guidance of A/Prof Luciana Möller and Prof Luciano Beheregaray. The project aim is to investigate the population genetic structure of short baked common dolphins (Delphinus delphis) in Australia and New Zealand, and the potential effects of environmental parameters in shaping population genetic diversity, structure, connectivity distribution and boundaries. This research will provide valuable information for conservation and management of common dolphin, and forecast plausible population scenarios under environmental and climate change.

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