Our Projects

– Seascape genomics, connectivity and adaptation to climate change in the abalone Haliotis roei.

– Seascape genetics and connectivity of the black nerite snail (Nerita) in Australia.

– DNA barcoding of benthic and pelagic organisms in the Great Australian Bight.

– Conservation genomics of blue whales.

– Seascape genetics and climate-change driven expansion of the sea-urchin Centrostephanus rodgersii.

– Connectivity, ecological genomics and management units in the abalone Haliotis laevigata.

– Global phylogeography and taxonomy of a widespread marine ecosystem engineer, the tunicate Pyura.

– Historical demography and hybridization in blue whales.

– Population genetics and connectivity of bottlenose dolphins in Australia.

– Conservation genetics and connectivity of common dolphins in Australia.

– Seascape genetics of olive ridley turtles from the eastern Pacific.

– Population genetics and phylogeography of bottlenose dolphins in the South Atlantic Ocean.

– Ecological speciation and conservation genetics of elasmobranchs in the Gulf of California.

– Seascape genetics and connectivity of limpets (Siphonaria)in Australia.

– Seascape genetics and connectivity of tunicates (Pyura)in Australia.

– Comparative phylogeography and population genetics of wobbegong sharks in Australia.

– Conservation genetics and social structure of sperm whales.

– Global seascape genetics, connectivity and phylogeography of common dolphins (Delphinus).

– DNA tags and satellite tracks of the ‘Vulnerable’ shortfin mako (Isurus oxyrinchus).

– Phylogeny and taxonomy of dolphins (Delphininae).

– Phylogeography and speciation of limpets in southern Africa.

– Conservation genetics and connectivity of southern African over-exploited sparid fishes.

– Population genetics of Sydney rock oyster, Saccostrea glomerata.

– Evolution and biogeography of sea-horses.

– Phylogeography and population genetics of the catadromous estuary perch, Macquaria colonorum.