We use information from genomics and environmental sciences to address pure and applied research questions in conservation management, ecology and evolution.
Our emphasis is on aquatic animals (particularly fishes, marine mammals and invertebrates) – but we also enjoy working with terrestrial organisms! We do fieldwork in Australia and in several other regions including Amazonia, Patagonia, Gulf of California, southern Africa, Pampas, Cerrado, Galapagos, Indo-Pacific and Antarctica .  

Latest News

Nature’s solution to climatic change: Hybridization!

Mixing between species can enhance resilience to climate change! MELFU’s new study published in Nature Climate Change offers hope for the biodiversity threatened by climate warming. These findings build on over a decade of work by the lab in collaboration with fish gurus Michael Hammer, Peter Unmack, and Louis Bernatchez. Click here for open access PDF of the paper. Our paper has also been featured in the “News and Views” section. Reference: Brauer CJ, Sandoval-Castillo J, Gates K, Hammer M, Unmack P, Bernatchez