Rainforest Revelation: Adaptation to environmental changes of tropical rainbowfish.

Our study about the adaptation of tropical rainbowfish is the cover and editor’s choice for this month’s issue of Heredity! Great photo by Keith Martin Click here for open access PDF of the paper. Reference: Gates K, Sandoval-Castillo J, Brauer C, Unmack P, Laporte M, Bernatchez L, Beheregaray LB (2023). Environmental selection, rather than neutral processes, best […]

Nature’s solution to climatic change: Hybridization!

Mixing between species can enhance resilience to climate change! MELFU’s new study published in Nature Climate Change offers hope for the biodiversity threatened by climate warming. These findings build on over a decade of work by the lab in collaboration with fish gurus Michael Hammer, Peter Unmack, and Louis Bernatchez. Click here for open access PDF of […]

Successful long-term fish reintroduction!

Our 11 year genomic monitoring shows that the reintroduction of the locally extinct southern pygmy perch into Australia’s Lower Lakes is working. The reintroduced population maintained its genetic diversity, fitness, and adaptive potential after 8 generations in the wild! Study published in the prestigious Conservation Biology journal, link here. For a popular version of the […]