Dr Georgina Cooke

PhD supervisors: Prof L Beheregaray & Prof N Chao

Primarily, I am interested in how DNA can be used to address fundamental questions in evolutionary biology. In 2011 I completed my PhD (Macquarie University, Sydney) studying the origin of Amazonian fish diversity.  Using a range of molecular markers and analytical approaches, I studied the spatial distributions of neutral and adaptive genetic diversity within the context of geomorphogical history, tributary arrangement and hydrochemistry for five co-distributed species of Amazonian freshwater fish. 

 I am currently a postdoc under Terry Ord at the University of New South Wales researching the evolution of a ‘fish out of water’. Using a combination of genetic, ecological and behavioural data, we are studying the origin of terrestriality in a small group of Blenny fish genera. Collectively, these living land-dwelling, amphibious and aquatic fishes provide a unique opportunity to study the evolutionary spectrum of terrestriality, serving as powerful analogues to how fish left the water during the Devonian.


Website: https://sites.google.com/site/georginamcooke/

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