Dr Chris Muller

PhD supervisors: Prof L Beheregaray & Prof L Hughes

My research interests include the taxonomy and evolution of Indo-Pacific butterflies, island biogeography and phylogenetics. I am an economic geologist by profession, hence the interplay of tectonics and diversification has been my key focus. My PhD (completed in 2011 under Prof. Luciano Beheregaray) addressed such issues, in an attempt to reconstruct the complex geological history of Wallacea, central Indonesia. Comprehensive sequence data from three butterfly genera revealed that, within Wallacea, lineages with deep evolutionary separation were essentially of Asian origin, whereas later colonisations came primarily from New Guinea, once some of the Wallacean fragments docked at the margin of the Australian Plate. Such patterns were likely facilitated by tectonic rifting during the mid Miocene, causing Wallacea to ‘expand’ from the Asian continental margin.

While undertaking my PhD I have worked in Papua New Guinea as a full time geologist. In recent years I have also been involved in several terrestrial biodiversity assessments in the Indo-Pacific. Having completed the PhD I still collaborate with many researchers on butterfly phylogenetics and taxonomy. I have an extensive tissue collection of Indo-Pacific taxa ready for analysis and am always keen to collaborate on new projects.

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