Zoriana Lam

Honours supervisors: Prof L Beheregaray and A/Prof Luciana Möller

I was studying the Bachelor of Science majoring in biodiversity and conservation in the past three years. As an international student, I got a lot of chances on discovering native wildlife species after coming to South Australia. My undergraduate course helped develop my understanding Australia biodiversity and rose my passion on the nature. I joined this lab this year to undertake my honours project which focuses on investigating stock structure of Ocean Jacket (Nelusetta ayraud) along the south Australian coast. Under the supervision of Prof Luciano Beheregaray and A/Prof Luciana Möller, I plan on clarifying population structure and patterns of connectivity of the species using genomic data. This research will help understand stock boundaries and population gene flow within the study area. Stock management can therefore be carried out by commercial fisheries on spatial assessment, as well as provide prior molecular information for researchers to conduct further studies on the species.

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