Isabella Reeves

PhD supervisors: A/Prof Luciana Möller; Prof Luciano Beheregaray and A/Prof Andrew Foote

Currently, Isabella is undertaking her PhD on killer whale evolution at CEBEL, under the supervision of A/Prof Luciana Möller, Prof Luciano Beheregaray and A/Prof Andrew Foote (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) using whole-genome data. She aims to understand the population history of Australasian killer whales with respect to the species globally and their response to climate change in the past, present and future using state-of-the-art functional genomic and forecasting techniques. This project aims to better understand killer whale adaptive capacity in upcoming climatic scenarios and to assist in the creation of effective conservation management for killer whales worldwide.


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Research Project 

 – A killer climate? Killer whale response to a changing climate as revealed by whole-genome analyses.

Research Experience

 – Bachelor of Science (Marine Biology) (Honours) (First Class), Flinders University.